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Popular as the "Songbird of India", Mizoram is one of the seven sister states in northeastern India. Stuffed in the lush green mountains this land stretches along 21 majestic Hill ranges. With varied culture and splendid festivals, the Mizo tribe gives a special and warm welcome to the travelers reaching there. Added to these are the gurgling rivers, cascading waterfalls, rugged terrains, verdant valleys which altogether make this land a nature lover's paradise. Don't forget to shop for bamboo carvings and crafted shawls which are special handicrafts in Mizoram.

It's worth noting that all tourists need an ILP short for Inner Line permit to enter the state of Mizoram, which you can get for approx. INR 150 from Lengpui Airport, which is valid for a time period of 15 days.

10 Best Places to Visit in Mizoram:

  • Solomon's Temple
  • Aizawl
  • Reiek Heritage Village
  • Lunglei
  • Phawngpui national park
  • Mamit
  • Mizoram State Museum
  • Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kolasib
  • Phulpui Grave

Solomon's temple is a huge and massive church located in Aizawl, Mizoram. It was architectured by Dr. L.B. Sailo and was constructed by Kohhran Thianghlim. The architecture of the church is one of the major reasons for attracting thousands of visitors every year. The design is simple and mostly in white color, yet greatly classy. Within the area of the temple, there are also some natural parks that have many beautiful trees and birds residing in them. Visit ...

Aizawl is the capital city of the state of Mizoram, and also the largest city in the whole state. The city is famous for its amazing culture, abundant natural beauty, and lovely handicrafts. Major places of attraction in Aizwal are Solomon's temple, Mizoram State Museum, Burra Bazar, Reiek heritage village, Durtlang hills, Vantawang falls, KV Paradise, etc. Each place is highly gorgeous and breathtaking.


Reiek is one of the top located hills in Mizoram with great natural visuals. Imagine having a fantastic experience of staying here. Reiek heritage village is a beautiful and sweet little village located that consists of various traditional and modern houses. Modern houses were built recently but traditional houses have been there for a very long time which today serves as a medium to have a glance of the past of Mizoram. 


Lunglei is a small town in Mizoram that is famous for its great riverside places, wildlife sanctuaries, adventurous activities, and picnic spots. The vast land with a huge amount of flora in it allows people to have fun while trekking, camping, and hiking. There is a Saza wildlife sanctuary, Thorangtlang wildlife sanctuary, Saikuti hall, Lunglei bridge, and Nghasih stream. All these places are wonderful and fascinating. 


Phawngpui national park beautifully portrays what an ideal national park should be like. There are amazing species of birds and animals, great trees, and spectacular mountains and rivers all around. Among several species of fauna, the most popular bird here is the black eagle and the most famous animal here is the Asiatic black bear. Tourists love the thrill of watching them. Additionally, it is also a great spot for people who love trekking and hiking. ...

All of us get tired of urbanization and the pollution it comes with. Mamit is a very less urbanized town of Mizoram and hence, it makes everyone connect with true nature. And if you love being around rivers and spending some chill time then this place is totally for you as it has five beautiful rivers. They are Khawtlang Tuipui, Tut, Teirei, Langkaih, and Tlawng. 


Mizoram State Museum, being one of the top places in Mizoram to visit, has to have a separate place in this list. Located in the Aizawl district, there are five major galleries in this museum. They are the interesting textile gallery, wonderful ethnology gallery, an amazing history gallery, anthropology gallery, and lovely natural history gallery. All of this needs huge space and hence, the Museum is of four floors. You will fall in love with Mizoram's cultu...

If you love watching several kinds of birds and animals then you should definitely visit the Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary. You will find everything from wild animals like tigers, leopards, barking deer, common langur, leaf monkeys, Himalayan black bear to great birds like Indian hornbill, White-cheeked partridge, Pied Hornbill, Wreathed Hornbill, Khaleej pheasant, etc. The best time to visit this park will be from O...

In order to experience the depth of Mizoram, you should definitely visit Kolasib. It is a small city in the state and is full of beautiful nature. People visit here to explore the lifestyle and culture of the locals. There are also some great places of attraction nearby like the Tamdil lake, the Blue mountain, Dampa Sanctuary, Vairengte, etc. 


Phulpui Grave is the most unique graveyard that tourists come across in Mizoram. It is also called the hanging graveyard as some part of it lays hanged. The grave is located in Phulpui village. There are two graves on the site: Talvungi and Zawlpala. The graves are of two married couples and have an interesting story behind them. The fascinating thing about the grave is its beautiful surrouhanges nearby. Visit this place to have a unique experience. 

# Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

Solomon's Temple




Reiek Heritage Village



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Phawngpui national park




Mizoram State Museum


Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary

Lunglei / Source



Phulpui Grave
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