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Haryana is the Land of Historic Battles as various battles such as the Battles of Panipat and Mahabharata were fought here. This is a North Indian state having beautiful the city Chandigarh as its capital. Ancient temples, astounding architecture, folk music, distinct culture, and heritage all make this state worth visiting. Haryana has amazing places to offer such as the beautiful Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, the Legendary Surajkund sun pool, Cactus Garden in Panchkula, and many others. Have a look at the famous places to visit in Haryana.

10 Best Places to Visit in in Haryana:

  • Kurukshetra
  • Kingdom of Dreams
  • Panipat
  • Gurgaon
  • Ambala
  • Rohtak
  • Hisar
  • Faridabad
  • Chandigarh - The State capital
  • Morni Hills

Kurukshetra is the land of Bhagavad Gita and a holy city in Haryana. A region named after King Kuru and Kshetra mean “region” in Sanskrit, by whom great sacrifices were made for the prosperity of this land and its people. This is the land where Manusmriti was written by Rishi Manu and the compilation of Rigveda, Samaveda by the wise Rishis. This is the land on which the war of Mahabharata happened. Kurukshetra is the most famous religious place which is visited by many devotees.


Kingdom of Dreams also known as KOD is one of the entertaining and fun places which is

located in Gurugram. There are so many varieties of food as there is a special corner for approximately eight states. It is the best theatre for musical instruments where you will see plays and dance performances on old as well as new songs. This is a very creative and thoughtful place with great interior and infrastructure. It is the best place to visit with family and friends.


Panipat is the famous battle city in India situated in Haryana. Before the battle of Mahabharat, Panipat was one of the five villages demanded by

Pandavas from Duryodhana. The five villages are the “panch pat”: Panaprastha(Panipat),

Swarnaprastha(Sonipat), Indraprastha(now known as Delhi), Vyaghraprastha(Baghpat),

Tilaprastha(Tilpat). Panipat was the scene of three battles in the history of India. The first battle

was fought on 21 April 1526. The second battle was foug...

Gurgaon popular as the technological and financial hub of India is one of the most attractive

tourist places that has many museums and temples to visit. It provides industrial as well as

commercial activities, a place for traditional experiences as well as it also offers adventurous

activities like Power Paragliding in Sohna, Rock Climbing Session at Damdama, Shah Jahan

Bicycle Tour, Botanix Nature Resort offers fun activities like tug of war.


Ambala is located on the water divide between the Indus and the Ganga River Systems in the northern Haryana States. This place is the hub for shopping, be it clothing or electronics and whatnot. But the clothing sector is the main center of attraction in Ambala which draws most of the people from all over the region, specializing in various dress materials like the Hand-loom, sarees, suitings & shirtings etc.


Located in the Eastern region of Haryana Rohtak is the Political hub of the State. This district was formed in the year 1824 and there are 5 development blocks in Rohtak. Rohtak is very popular for having a huge cloth market, an endless number of dairies in the whole of India. Rohtak people love to engage in festivals like Basant Panchami, Lohri, Gangaur, and Teej are celebrated here. The best places to visit in Rohtak include Mansarover Park, Tilyar's M...

Hisar is well known for its steel industry and hence famous as “The City of Steel”. Hisar is one of the most developed cities of Haryana. The top seven places to visit in Hisar are Asirgarh fort, Lohari Ragho, Barsi Gate, Dargah Char Qutab, Firoz Shah Palace, Rakhigarhi, St.

Thomas Church. It also offers Sun city mall, various shopping centers, food Restaurants for

entertaining the visitors.


Faridabad is the widest city in the State of Haryana. This place is generally known for industrial

centers and henna Production from various divisions. mostly visited by business travelers, Faridabad is most famous for its lovely 15-days annual Surajkund crafts fair. There are many

tourist places to visit in Faridabad like Dhauj Lake, Suraj Kund, Raja Nahar Singh Palace, Leisure Valley and Crown Interiors mall.


Chandigarh is the capital of the northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana. It is the most well-planned city in India designed by Swiss-French modernist architect, Le Corbusier. Beautiful gardens such as The Rock Garden and The Rose Garden, boating in Sukhna lake, and the exclusive market of Sector-17 is the center of attractions among the tourists visiting Chandigarh. Well-organized markets, massive bungalows, fancy cars, mouth-watering street-foods, amazing nightlife in wide arrays of ba...

Morni Hills is a beautiful hill station situated in the Panchkula district of Haryana. It is a perfect

gateway and a peaceful destination for relaxing your mind. The top 5 places that you should visit when you are in this tiny hill station are Tikkar Taal, Gurudwara Nada Sahib, Adventure Park, Morni Fort, Thakurdwara Temple. This Place captivates your senses and Provides Peace to your

Overactive mind.


# Best Places to Visit in in Haryana


Shri Krishna Arjun chariot / Source

Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams / Source


Babri Maszid, Panipat / Source


Gurgaon / Source


Gurudwara Panjokhra Sahib / Source


Sai temple / Source


Indira Gandhi Auditorium / Source


Vatika Business Towers Faridabad / Source

Chandigarh - The State capital

Credits - Tarun Dhiman/Unsplash

Morni Hills

Morni Hills / Source

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